About Us

MotionPictureArt.com are Alexandra and Ron and was established in 1998. We are located in the Netherlands, Europe, and at this time, solely internet based.
Chamber of Commerce/KVK number: 57700478
TAX/VAT/BTW: NL170506277B01
MotionPictureArt is committed to quality products and customer service.
We sell only original movie products and offer a very acceptable return policy. Please check out our FAQs to read everything you need to know about ordering, shipping etc.

We have always been film fans since we are able to remember. Ron already saw his first film in a cinema at the age of three. He has remained under the spell of this medium since and always gazed at the posters and photos which were displayed in the lobbies of the theatres.
Years later (in 1993) he met Alexandra in the Efteling theme park and they hit it off instantly, their similar personal chemistries forming a strong bond between them. (Theme parks are also a hobby they have in common). Through this encounter Ron came in contact with Alexandra’s mother whom introduced them to collecting and the collectors fair and trade show phenomenon. Their visits to these fairs and the rise of Internet caused their collecting fever to take off. Through new information obtained from of old-time collectors, dealers and the Internet they learned a lot concerning the hobby within a short period of time. To be able to financially support the hobby of collecting they slowly started with trading/selling of posters, lobby cards and other products. Out of this and selling on Ebay.com eventually emerged the idea for our own Internet website, MotionPictureArt.com.
As of 2013 we’re now a professional business. The fun of collecting is still number one.  We are collectors ourselvesand will treat you as we would like to be treated.

We hope you enjoy our site and hope you can find what you’re looking for. If you have any comments please feel free to contact us and let us know.

About the products
All items on this website were obtained legally at trade shows, swap meets/flea markets and collectors fairs or from movie theaters, (video) stores, movie studios, distributors, auction websites/houses and collectors/sellers/dealers worldwide.
We encourage everyone to see films at their local movie theatres and to buy original DVD’s, soundtracks, Blu-ray Discs and other official merchandise to support the industry.

The first-sale doctrine allows the purchaser to transfer (i.e., sell or give away) a particular lawfully made copy of the copyrighted work without permission once it has been legally obtained. That means that copyright holder’s rights to control the change of ownership of a particular copy end once that copy is sold, as long as no additional copies are made. This doctrine is also referred to as the “first sale rule” or “exhaustion rule”.

Under the exhaustion doctrine, doctrine of exhaustion, or first sale doctrine, the first unrestricted sale of a patented item exhausts the patentee’s control over that particular item.
In other words, it is a concept in intellectual property law whereby an intellectual property owner will lose or “exhaust” certain rights after the first use of the subject matter which is the subject of intellectual property rights. For example, the ability of a trademark owner to control further sales of a product bearing its mark are generally “exhausted” following the sale of that product.
This has been declared by the European Commission.
Different countries regulate the applicability of the doctrine of exhaustion in relation to different products in different ways

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