FAQ Ordering and Shipping

Ordering and paying

Ordering and Paying:
Shopping online at MotionPictureArt.com is completely safe. Your information is encrypted using the latest security technology. In fact, we never even see your credit card number or other payment information when you order online! MotionPictureArt.com offers many convenient ways to pay for your order including:

  • Credit Card, Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club etc.
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • iDeal
  • SOFORT Banking
  • Paysafecard
  • Skrill/Moneybookers
  • Cash
  • Wire Transfer (bank to bank)

Paying with Credit/Debit Card:
We accept credit/debit card and many other forms of payment via Skrill/Moneybookers, PayPal and SiSow/EMS. Just complete your order and follow the instructions on the corresponding website.
Once the payment is received into our account, your order will be shipped (usually within 3 days).

Paying via Paypal:
Pay via Paypal and you can qualify for free return shipping. Paypal accepts credit card and bank payments. Just complete your order and follow the instructions on the Paypal website.
If you would like to pay for your order via PayPal, when checking out you will be directed automatically to the PayPal website or just go to www.paypal.com and transfer the payment manually if you find that easier or if something has gone wrong.
Our Paypal e-mail is paypal @ MotionPictureArt.com
Once the money is received into our account, your order will be shipped (usually within 24/72 hours).

Paying Cash:
If paying by cash, please enclose between a dark colored piece of paper in order to “hide” the cash so you cannot see it through the envelope. MotionPictureArt.com is not responsible for lost or stolen cash. If you decide to send cash, we strongly encourage using Priority, Express or Air mail without insurance. Avoid everything that will make the envelope look suspicious or will give away it’s contents.
We have not had any problems with sending or receiving cash yet. Just obey to the above tips. More info will be emailed to you in an order notification/invoice.

Wire Transfer (bank to bank):
We accept bank to bank wire transfers. Info will be emailed to you in an order notification/invoice.

Best offer

The Best Offer feature lets you submit a price that you think is fair to both of us.
Think of that price as your opportunity to suggest a price that might be perfect for you, as well as it being a price that you agree to pay.
Please note that prices are already established according to age, significance of the movie/director/actors/etc., artwork, artist reputation, market references, current popularity, condition, and availability.
Also note that we may charge the actual shipping costs for “Best Offer”-orders, because some products already have an amount for shipping integrated in their sale price.
Once we’ve received your offer, we have 72 hours to decide whether to accept, decline or make a counteroffer.

Return Policy

MotionPictureArt.com is committed to quality products and customer service, but sometimes things can go wrong. In the event you would like to return a product, here are some general guidelines:

Return of item due to change of mind/buyer’s remorse:
In the event you receive an item and for some reason you changed your mind and you no longer want it, we will give you a (full) refund, depending on the situation and if you are a customer from within or outside the EU (European-Union).
Please notify us within 14 days of receipt of the item by email. In your email please inform us why you are not happy with the product(s). We will then send you the information needed to send the item(s) back to us.
We will NOT refund the costs for sending the order back to us. Pay via Paypal and you can qualify for free return shipping. We must receive any returned order in the same condition as it was sent. Should any damage occur than we will deduct an applicable amount from your credit. Please package the item(s) accordingly, preferably using our materials, for a safe return.
All returns must be received within a reasonable time from when the order originally arrived.
For more information, read our entire Return Policy and Terms and Conditions

Returns due to damage during shipping:
If you receive a package that has been damaged during shipping, please notify us within 14 days of receiving the package.
Depending on the order and situation we will work out a reasonable solution with you.
We ship most of our orders registered and insured.

Return due to dumb goofs on our part:
Should you receive the wrong item(s) then please notify us within 14 days of receiving the order. We will then send you the information needed to send the item(s) back to us.
We must receive any returned items in the same condition as they were sent to you. Should any damage occur than we will demand an applicable amount for damages. Please package the item(s) accordingly, preferebly using our materials, for a safe return.
All returns must be received within a reaonable time from when the order originally arrived.
Once we receive the returned item, we will ship the correct item(s) to you. MotionPictureArt.com will reimburse the costs to return the item(s) and we will pay for shipping costs to send the correct item(s) to you.
In the case you do not want us to correct our mistake you get a full refund including all shipping costs after the item(s) have been safely returned.

We do not offer any price protection policies on the items we sell. Due to constantly fluctuating supply and demand of movie collectibles, the current market prices of items can often change. If the market price of an item drops or rises after the date you purchased it, we will not refund the price difference.

Do not send any items back to us until you have contacted us first to obtain instructions!

Shipping and Delivery Expectations

MotionPictureArt.com is committed to meeting your expectations by ensuring excellence in quality products and timely delivery. All items are shipped on Monday to Friday using one of the following companies DHL, GLS, Bpost, MyParcel/PostNL (formerly known as the Royal Dutch TPG Post and TNT Post).

We try to ship all products within 24-72 hours of receiving payment, but large, heavy and/or fragile items may have a longer processing time because they need extra attention to make sure they arrive safely.
Delivery times will vary depending on location and how long local customs will need to process the package, but 7-14 business days is generally the time frame used for delivery.
Please note that weather conditions and National and International Holidays may delay delivery, especially in the month of December! During the holiday season the postal services around the world are usually understaffed and give priority to the millions of Christmas cards. Also please note that terrorism security measures may delay orders to the United States and other countries. We use registered and insured Priority Air Mail for most orders to ensure a fast and safe delivery.

Let us know if you have a deadline. We will try our best to meet your expectations and contact you to provide alternatives. Please include special instructions and deadline date in the comments section of the order or contact form. In the event that an item is temporarily out of stock or on backorder, we may hold the rest of your items until the item is restocked. As soon as it arrives, we will ship your entire order to you in one shipment.

Insurance and Tracking

We are currently offering insurance and a tracking number with most orders. Please note that we pack all our orders very secure and never had any problems with damaged products.
We support shipping insurance even though Postal services are usually not very keen on paying and the whole process may take up to 8 weeks.

Two other dilemmas to keep in mind are:
– the adverse effect of placing a high value on packages shipped, making it more interesting for theft. By placing a high value on the package the special notice may be an enticement to those who are inclined to steal the contents. Certainly, it is convenient to thievery when the package or the insurance ledger clearly denotes the shipment as one containing “valuable original movie posters”.
– in a lot of cases establishing the factual value causes additional and higher taxes to be paid.

Lost/Damaged Packages

Insurance is your only recourse if your order never shows up or got damaged. Shipping can be slow and undependable… and while we haven’t experienced any “confirmed” permanently lost mail, insurance might provide some additional piece of mind. We strongly recommend it.

Please contact us when your order has not arrived within the given timeframe or arrives damaged. Depending on the order and situation we will try and work out a reasonable solution.

How we Pack your Order

MotionPictureArt.com takes great care in packaging your order with sturdy materials to ensure that the products arrive to you with virtually no wear due to shipping and handling.
Rolled posters are put in plastic sleeves, and then inserted into heavy duty, premium strength PVC or cardboard tubes with padding at each end. Flat products are put in plastic sleeves and/or bags, and placed on one or sandwiched between two sturdy pieces of cardboard and/or wood and shipped in a bubble envelope.

We use clearly printed address labels, that have both the recipient’s address and our return address, which we protect against damage with clear plastic tape.
Posters up to one sheet size (27×40 inch) are almost always shipped rolled even if they are or were folded. Please contact us if you want your poster shipped folded. Read our “FAQ General” to learn more about how to remove posters safely from the tubes.

Shipping Rates

When ordering through our website, you will be given a choice of shipping methods and their costs before we ask for your payment information. You’ll see this information on screen after you enter your address and other customer information. At that time, you may either choose one of the shipping options and proceed through checkout. Shipping rates are determined based on the weight/size of the package, method of shipping and shipping address.
The shipping methods with corresponding costs are also visible in the shopping basket/cart, but sometimes you have to click on “Calculate shipping costs” and specify your location.

We take precautions against your order being damaged during shipping by carefully packaging orders and adding tracking and insurance, therefore rates can be a bit higher as expected, but it will be worth the few extra Dollars or Euros. Our current shipping rates are based on three zones (Netherlands, European Union and World) and apply to most orders


Local pickup in Rijswijk, Netherlands Free
Letter * € 3.95
Pickup at PostNL service point package * € 5.95
Package * € 6.95
Package ** € 8.00
Pickup at PostNL service point XL package * (> 100 cm) € 9.95
XL package ** (> 100 cm) € 12.95

* Registered
** Registered & Insured

European Union:

Letter € 6.65
Letter ** € 11.00
Package ** € 11.00
XL Package ** (> 100 cm) € 15.00

* Registered
** Registered & Insured


Letter (small  < 250 gr) € 6.65
Letter (large < 2 kg) € 14.63
Letter ** (< 2 kg) € 16.95
Package ** (DHL) € 19.95
Package ** (PostNL) € 24.95
XL package ** (> 100 cm; < 5 kg) € 34.95
XL package ** (> 100 cm; < 10 kg) € 44.95
Oversized and/or heavy items to
US, Canada or Japan ** (> 150 cm)
€ 69.95
Oversized and/or heavy items to
rest of the world** (> 150 cm)
Please contact us

* Registered
** Registered & Insured